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Someone who agrees with me!

August 20, 2007

This is what I wrote last year. (Incidentally, Xanga has a God-awful interface for finding previous posts. Seriously. I’m starting to really hate this service.)

This is what I read today.

See? These shows are crap!


Chak de Phatte!

August 3, 2007

This link was too good not to share. I know it might be painful for some of you, but stick with it. When the guy himself starts speaking, it’s pretty funny. And yes, he really is Indian.

I love technology!

July 27, 2007

I’m writing this from a moving train. And yes, given that I’m in India, I do think it’s cool. I’m on the last leg ofa a 24 hour journey to Lucknow for a 4 hour meeting, followed by another 24 hour return journey. Should be back late Saturday night. Fun fun fun.

A tragedy

July 26, 2007

When I was at Cornell, I stayed on an extra year for my masters degree after I finished my undergrad. During that year, I worked with Prof. Sergio Servetto as my project advisor. This morning, I got an email about this .

Rest in peace, Sergio. I know this might not sound like much, but you were good people.

I’m so proud!!

July 25, 2007

My fiancee is a living doll .

It’s all gone!

July 24, 2007

I think I lost all my email in my Hotmail account, because I didn’t access it in so long. Oh well, not like I used it for anything other than spam anyway.

Hi Everybody!

July 24, 2007

(Imagine the title of this post said in the voice of the Simpson’s character who says it. No, I don’t remember who it was.)

Long time. I know, I know. You missed me. Oh well. I guess I need motivation to visit this place, and I finally found some .

MBA Application work begins today. Should keep me busy for the next 5 months, especially since I won’t be downloading any new episodes of all those shows I was following. The only show I’ll be keeping up with regularly is Daily Show/Colbert Report, and those are for two main reasons:
1) By their very nature, they’ll never come out on DVD, and
2) I’m a news junkie, and need to keep up on current events.

BTW, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way for me to upload all my Xanga posts to another platform. Basically, I want to jump ship, but I’d prefer not losing all the posts I’ve ever made these past few years. I googled it, and found some things, but if anyone has additional information, let me know.

Justice, Desi Ishtyle

June 18, 2007

I’ve been in a crappy mood for the last 24 hours or so, and things didn’t appear to be improving this morning. I had to leave late for work (Mom’s in Mumbai, so I had to wait for the maid), and traffic was being especially obnoxious on the way to work. At one particular traffic junction, I just missed the yellow light, so was first in line waiting for the light to change. This was a three-way intersection, and a cop was standing there making sure people obeyed the lights. About ten seconds after my side stopped, he stopped traffic coming from the right. But scooters were still trying to sneak through. He had to physically restrain one small moped being driven by a lady, but as she was moving her vehicle back, another motorcycle tried to break through. They literally drove right by the cop, and just as they were about to get out of range, he reached out and grabbed hold of the passenger’s collar.

Then, I shit you not, he literally ran behind the bike across the intersection, with a death grip on the guy’s shirt as the driver was still trying to get away. It was like something out of Benny Hill, without the funny music. They didn’t go very far, and the cop got the driver to pull over on the side of the road. But he was still holding onto the guy’s collar, and the bike damn near toppled over on top of the bike riders. Unfortunately, that’s exactly when the light changed, and I had to start driving. But the last thing I saw was the cop smacking those two guys in the face.

Now, I’ve mentioned in the past my grievances with traffic in India. But I gotta tell you, that brightened up my mood like you will not believe. You may call it “police brutality”. I call it “about damn time”!

Good website for travellers

June 15, 2007

I found this site while searching for information on power outlets in planes. Some of y’all might find it useful. Wish I’d known about it before booking my trip to Chicago. Seems I got myself crappy seats between Chicago and Paris, both ways.

Rain is falling…

June 14, 2007

Or it soon might be. After one of the most miserable summers I’ve ever had to deal with (temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius for many days in a row), it seems the tide might be turning. Today started out the same as usual. Hot, sunny, and stifling. But at 6pm, there’s a very strong wind, thunder rumbling in the background (with some lightning flashes), and a few drops of water starting to fall. And this is before the main monsoon has hit Mumbai (which usually gets rain a week before us).

*Update* Actually, while writing this post, I just looked out the window behind me, and it is officially raining. Pretty hard too. In fact, one of the trees in our compound had one of its branches snapped off by the wind. And this was not a small branch. We’ve lost power in the office (computers are on a generator), and I can only imagine the traffic foul ups we’ll have to deal with on the way home. The next few months are going to be very fun indeed.