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One ring to rule them all

March 1, 2008

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

A wandering spirit caring for a multitude of just concerns, you are an instrumental power in many of the causes around you.

And so am I, very dangerous: more dangerous than anything you will ever meet, unless you are brought alive before the seat of the Dark Lord.


Week 1 Day 2

January 3, 2008

Sorry for posting a day late. I didn’t have my journal with me since Wednesday was my day off from the gym. For the record, my weight on Tuesday was 195.9 lbs.

Leg Press – 12×200, 12×200, 12×200, 12×200, 12×210

Stiff-Legged Deadlift – 10×55, 10×55, 10×60, 10×60, 10×60

Leg Extension (single leg) – 12×35, 12×35, 12×40

Leg Curl – 10×62.5, 10×62.5, 10×62.5

Toe Press – 20×170, 20×170, 20×170

Here we go again…

January 1, 2008

In other news, I’ve taken up the challenge of losing up to 20 pounds by March 13. Do I think it’s physically possible? Hell no! But I’m sure as hell gonna try. To help me in this endeavour, I’m using a program that I first got way back in 2001.

Just before I left for St. Paul to start my summer internship that year, I met one of the personal trainers at the Cornell Fitness Center, and he gave me a workout to follow. Seemed pretty intense and long, but I was up for it. Once in St. Paul, my roommate and I joined the nearby YMCA. But after a few weeks of this workout, I noticed that I wasn’t really getting stronger. I was actually getting much worse. Of course, being the muscular neophyte that I was, I had no idea why.

At that point, a gentleman who I noticed at the gym everyday came up to me and asked me, politely, what the hell kinda workout I was doing? He took a look at it, and told me that I was overtraining myself. For each muscle group, I had at least three different exercises, each with three sets. And I was doing this monster workout thrice a week. Instead, he offered to give me a much simpler strength workout, which only worked each major muscle group once. He also taught me an interesting way to do a more “complete ab crunch”. Basically, I assume the crunch position (flat on my back, knees bent at 90 degrees, feet flat on the ground), and then I lift my shoulder blades off the ground. However, at the same time, I also lift my butt off the ground, while keeping my feet flat on the floor. I then hold this for a three count, before coming back down. This is one rep. I’m essentially squeezing my abs from both top and bottom. Gets a pretty good burn going.

Apparently, he used to be a certified strength coach with the American Bodybuilding Association, or some such.

Me being me, I looked anywhere but in the gift horse’s mouth, and said “Yes please thank you” very quickly indeed.

The point of that long story? Not much really. I just felt that I hadn’t updated this blog in a while, so I should give y’all something to read, whether it was good or not.

I also want to try another experiment. I’m going to try and use this blog to log my progress. Basically, I’m going to list my exercises every day, along with the weights and repetitions used. This will serve the added benefit of padding this blog further. 🙂

But first, a few notes. I will be writing my sets and weights in the format axb, where a is the number of repetitions I complete in that set, and b is the total weight I lift (including the weight of the bar). I will use 60 second rest periods between sets. I will do a set of ten crunches (as described above) after every exercise (i.e. after all 5 bench presses I do a set of ten crunches. After the 3 lat pulldown sets, I do another set of crunches, etc). And unless stated explicitly, all free-weight exercises were done with barbells. So, without further ado:

Week 1 Upper Workout 1

Bench Press – 10×70, 10×70, 10×70, 10×70, 10×75

Lat Pulldown – 12×75, 12×75, 12×75

Shrugs – 10×90, 10×90, 10×90

Upright Row – 12×45, 12×45, 12×50

Military Shoulder Press – 10×45, 10×45, 10×45, 10×50

Seated Row – 12×50, 12×50, 12×50

Lying EZ-Bar Triceps Extension (also called Skullcrushers) – 12×35, 12×35, 12×35

Dumbbell Hammer Curl – 12×15, 11×15, 6×15 (both arms together)

Cardio – 22 minutes including cooldown.

That’s Day 1. Wish me luck!