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March 31, 2004

Well, today started off pretty well, even if I was a little late getting into work. First, I found out that, after making Pakistan follow on 268 runs behind, India had reduced them to 207 for 9 in their 2nd innings. When they resume tonight, Pakistan will need to score 61 more runs just to make India bat again, and they have only one wicket in hand. I think it’s safe to say that, barring an act of God, India will win its first test ever in Pakistan. I can only wonder at the repercussions after seeing how this Paki team capitulated so easily.

Then while I was checking the scores, I suddenly got a message from Ishani, who I hadn’t chatted with for over a year. In all honesty, I was more than a bit surprised. And since I gave Ish the URL for this blog, let me clarify… it was a pleasant surprise. She was always one of my funnier and more entertaining friends, and here’s to hoping we will bitch about other people for a long time to come.

24 yesterday was exciting as ever. I guess what makes it even more interesting is that everything they show is somewhat plausible. That stuff could really happen, except it would probably take longer than a single day to unfold. I can’t wait for the series to end, especially since both of the previous seasons have ended with fiendish cliffhangers to keep people hanging till the new season started. Personally, though, I don’t know if I want there to be a Season 4. They’ve done a remarkable job in maintaining the level of tension, and I’m afraid if they try to milk this cow for too long, it’ll dilute the quality of the show. Let’s see what happens.

Finally, Richard Clarke was the guest on the Daily Show last night. He gave some more revealing facts about how politics works in this country, and it made for some interesting viewing. Watch the replay this evening if you can. Tonight’s guest is Karen Hughes, a former advisor to Bush, who will probably explain why Richard Clarke (who gave 30 years of his life to government service, and voted Bush in 2000) is a lying, scheming , opportunistic bastard. Great TV.