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All in the family

November 7, 2007

I present my brother-in-law. Too bad I don’t like their phones too much. 🙂


One becomes two

September 12, 2007

Getting formally engaged has a way of sucking up all of one’s free time, especially when staying in another city. Still, it was a fun (if hectic) time, and I think people in general appreciated the entertainment and free food. 🙂


March 9, 2004

So mom left last night. The actual goodbyes stretched over 50 minutes. Not because we were gonna miss each other so much. but because she had to keep coming back out and reshuffle her luggage. When we left the house, she had 2 immensely heavy suitcases (they ended up being close to 70 lbs each), one trolley bag, one large cloth bag, and her purse. But ;it seems Cathay Pacific has more stringent guidelines on hand luggage than other airlines, so she ended up having to discard a lot of stuff (i.e. give it to me), and just take the trolley bag and her purse on board. But the trolley bag was 14 kg, and the check-in guy would only let her take in 8 kg. So she tried stuffing her purse as much as she could. She ended up coming back out around ;5 times over a ;40 minute period, all while I was parked in the “Active Loading/Unloading” zone. Finally, the guy let my mom go in with 9.3 kg, but warned her not to buy anything in Hong Kong during her layover. Yeesh!

In recent months, I’ve become addicted to the joy that is the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. If you haven’t seen it, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s the best fake news show on TV. Last night was hilarious. He was ripping on the Martha Stewart trial, and especially the media coverage. Watching seasoned news reporters come dashing out of the courtroom waving red flags like they were trying to land an airliner was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. ;And watching the CNBC reporter constantly misread the hanky signals and put check marks ;in the “Not Guilty” boxes on his ;charts ;before being corrected was even funnier. Stewart’s advice? “Put away the billboards, and go across the street to the courthouse!! Line of the night: “Martha Stewart was not charged with insider trading. Rather, she was found guilty of conspiracy to cover up the insider trading… with which… she was not charged… Damn you circular logic!!”

Also, Val Kilmer was the guest last night. I swear, he must have been stoned. In fact, he seemed so out of it that when he mentioned that he was working in a movie with Robert Downey Jr., Jon asked if Val had gotten into Downey’s juice.

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