Bullsh!t? Probably…

A couple of days ago, my mom mentioned that a face reader would be coming over to our place. I’m not sure on who’s recommendation mom brought the guy over, but I made it amply clear that I wanted nothing to do with the guy. Anyway, after he arrived, Roshni made me sit down and listen to what the guy was saying about dad (since obviously, it would be too rude to leave the room). The whole thing reminded me of the very first episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit. Different goal (making predictions as opposed to contacting the dead), but same principle. The guy made general statements about dad (“Self-made man”, “People jealous of your success”, etc etc), before mentioning me (“your son is very hard-working”). That’s when dad and I both started laughing. 😛 When dad mentioned that I was actually pretty lazy, the guy backtracked pretty well and said that I was young, but when the time came, I would put in the effort required.

Anyway, I had enough and went inside my room with my oranges. Later that night, just as dad was about to go to bed, he told me that I was “110% right” about the guy being a fraud. He went to drop him off at his hotel, but apparently he made sure that dad didn’t see where they were staying, and got off near the railway station instead. *shakes head*


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