Who needs highlights?

There’s currently a cricket tournament going on in South Africa, the first ever Twenty20 World Cup. (And yes, for those of you not familiar with the term, I know Twenty20 sounds funny. :-P) The whole concept behind this kind of game is that it’s bite-sized, to the extent that even people with short-attention spans *cough*Americans*cough* can find something to enjoy. Each complete game lasts 3 hours, and every major event, be it a wicket falling or a boundary being scored, is marked with multiple dancers shaking their groove thang in front of the live audience at the stadium (and captured on camera).

Anyway, India played what we call a “do-or-die” match against England. In order to have any chance of qualifying for the semis, India needed to win this game, and score a lot of runs in the process. We got off to a pretty good start, and with two overs to go, were handily placed at 171/3. The average score in the tournament thus far had been in the 160s, we so were doing ok. With a few good hits, we might get close to 200, which is a hefty score. Apparently, no one told Yuvraj Singh that this number was enough. So he decided to go a little crazy.

Over the next five minutes, Yuvi went ballistic. Six balls were delivered, each of them was dispatched for 6. The man scored 36 runs in the over, the maximum possible. For those of you who don’t follow cricket closely (which is pretty much all of you remaining readers), allow me to put that in perspective.

Before last night, in the entire history of first class cricket (that includes all international matches, as well as domestic matches between regions), there had been only three prior instances of such an event. The first two were in domestic cricket, and the third was in the One Day International World Cup held earlier this year in the West Indies. Last night was the fourth time this had happened in over one hundred and twenty years!

He went on to score 58 runs off 15 balls, before being caught off the 16th ball he faced. Absolute carnage!

Tonight is the second must-win game for us, against the hosts South Africa. Let’s see if we can do a repeat. 😉


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