Inspiration comes in all forms

Many people like to keep music or the tv on while they work (or study). The background noise helps them concentrate. Others require absolute silence, for even the merest whisper can throw them off their game. I’ve come to the conclusion that I fall squarely in the former camp. However, it’s a little more complicated than just having some noise playing. Experience has shown me that it has to be something very specific.

When I was in school, I’d do homework while watching TV, and while I’d never admit it to my parents now, my concentration would go completely to shit. And listening to the radio would distract me because I’d be paying more attention to the song, especially if it was something I recognised. I needed something that only engaged my aural senses (which eliminated TV), but was something that wouldn’t take my attention from the task at hand.

Lo and behold, here is my solution. Scoff not, it actually works pretty well! There are two 20 second commercials every 20 minutes, which makes for a nice break. And while most people might not have the patience to listen to this stuff, the fact that the station only plays selected pieces from the most famous composers makes it a lot easier to have in the background.

Why am I mentioning this? Because writing essays for MBA applications is a real pain in the ass, and I approve of anything that makes me more efficient in completing this task. 🙂


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