Welcome, one and all, to my new home

This is my first post at my new location, and so far, it seems pretty nice. Interface is a little friendlier. Overall, I’m liking it a lot more than Xanga. If anyone else out there has a Xanga blog that they’d like to migrate over, let me know. I’d be glad to share my experience. 🙂

One other big change I’m going to institute in my blog-writing method is splitting up my posts. Till date, each post was a collection of thoughts on various topics. Instead, I’ll just split them up in to separate posts. If nothing else, it’ll make it easier for everyone (especially me) to find any previous posts. It’ll also make it easier for me psychologically to blog more frequently, since I won’t be waiting till I have enough “material” before I can put stuff online.

I might play with the overall theme and look, I don’t know yet. Depends on how much time I have, and more importantly, how much time I’m willing to spend.  Either way, I’m sure you’ll be among the first to notice. 🙂

That’s it for now. Might be back later. Be good, y’all.


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