Rain is falling…

Or it soon might be. After one of the most miserable summers I’ve ever had to deal with (temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius for many days in a row), it seems the tide might be turning. Today started out the same as usual. Hot, sunny, and stifling. But at 6pm, there’s a very strong wind, thunder rumbling in the background (with some lightning flashes), and a few drops of water starting to fall. And this is before the main monsoon has hit Mumbai (which usually gets rain a week before us).

*Update* Actually, while writing this post, I just looked out the window behind me, and it is officially raining. Pretty hard too. In fact, one of the trees in our compound had one of its branches snapped off by the wind. And this was not a small branch. We’ve lost power in the office (computers are on a generator), and I can only imagine the traffic foul ups we’ll have to deal with on the way home. The next few months are going to be very fun indeed.


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