I like House

It’s a good show, and I’m only one episode away from completing Season 3. That’s all I wanted to say on the subject.

To “yo mama”, the fact that I’m not online when you message me probably has something to do with the fact that I’m asleep because of the time zone difference. Unlike you, I actually have a job to go to in the morning. But keep leaving me messages anyway.

In other news, there was an interesting news item in the Times of India a week ago that indirectly related to my former job at Lockheed. No, I can’t tell you what my job was. I can’t even hint at what story I’m referring to. It was just cool to know something that most people don’t.


One Response to “I like House”

  1. dinamehta Says:

    That’s fine that you like House … but it’s interesting that you need to impose it on others b re-arranging their Netflix queue to ensure they watch it as well. ; I hope its as good as you say

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