I’m coming back (for a while)

I never thought I’d be coming back to the US so soon, but it’s true. In just over a week, I’ll be on my way back to the good ole United States. Granted, it’s only for two weeks. Still, it’ll be good to be back. In fact, my first order of business after landing in SFO will be to hightail it to the nearest Chipotle and get my super veggie burrito. Mmmmm….

In other news, ; Dad, Roshni and I have joined a week-long yoga workshop hosted by the same class that I went to for a few weeks, Fortunately, it’s at 6 PM, which makes it a much more reasonable affair. Let’s see if this helps me, because right now, I ain’t too thrilled about my fitness. My current excuse for not exercising more? I don’t want to wake up earlier, and after navigating the obstacle course that is Baroda traffic, all I want is to plop myself down at home and veg. I swear, even when I’m not driving, just travelling home is more mentally exhausting than the full day at work that preceded it.

Which leads to another rant. The Vadodara Municipal Corporation decided that they wanted to fix the roads in anticipation of the monsoon coming in 4 months. Great. Wonderful. But why in the name of all that is holy did they decide to fix ALL the roads AT ONCE? As it stands now, there is hardly a single road in this city that doesn’t have construction work being done on it. So roads are either dug up, or being modified, or both, and the daily commute has now become a guessing game of which path will provide the smallest headache. Factor in the perennial stupidity of Baroda’s fellow drivers, and it amounts to an exercise in pure frustration.

There’s other things on my mind, but I’m not sure how best to express them, and I’ve learned that continuing to say anything is a one-way trip to Foot-in-mouth Land. Still, I just wish there could be easy solutions once in a while. Not all the time mind you, but just often enough to make me feel better. Say… 50%. Maybe I should send God a note about it.

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