I knew games were good for you

What more can I say, really?

The TV watching is continuing, if not necessarily at the pace I’d like. At Roshni’s request, I’ve started downloading Sex and the City, Season 1. I’ve told her that I’ll take my time downloading the rest, because a show about four “empowered” women isn’t too high on my priority list, compared to the stuff I could be watching, like Cowboy Bebop , or Heroes (which is an amazing show, by the way. I love that tune with the female chorus humming).

Also, I really need to start finishing off Spooks . I have seasons 3 and 4, and they’re taking up way too much hard drive space. Maybe this weekend, I’ll get through a bunch of them.

I’m also going to try an experiment for the next seven days. Exercise every day, and sleep for at least seven hours every night. Let’s see if that’ll help me shake off this perennial sense of lethargy I’ve been feeling for about… ohhh… ten years now?

One Response to “I knew games were good for you”

  1. dinamehta Says:

    dude … most guys like Sex and the City too … and you’ll get hooked too … plus its about time you stopped watching nerdy stuff …

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