Finally, I’m back! (for a couple of months, anyway)

Mumbai was more fun than I expected:

– Roshni and I were asked to MC the Sangeet Sandhya , and we also ended up taking part in one of the dances ( Rock and Roll Soniye ). No problem, except the script was in Hindi. Well, the spoken words were Hindi, but the actual text was written in English. Turns out, that was for the best. After a few practice runs, Rosh and I did a pretty good job. The only slips were when we experienced technical difficulties, and there was a few minutes of dead air, due to neither Rosh nor I having prepared any filler material for just that eventuality. But people still liked it, though.

– Dad, Rosh and I looked at bathroom tiles and marble flooring for the new house. The most memorable part of that adventure was when dad got into somewhat heated discussions with other Rotary Board members regarding a meeting being called in Dad’s absence, to discuss the resignation (that was accepted, before the resignee tried to withdraw the resignation) of his Bte noire . In the end, they decided to have the meeting the day he returned. But it was a funny moment. Roshni was left selecting the tiles, dad was outside on the phone, and I was standing next to him, trying to listen in on the Rotary Club version of high school politics.

– Met up with Mona, which was a lot of fun. Granted, this was only the second time we’d actually met, but she’s a really cool person to talk to. It’s nice chilling with someone who can literally laugh about anything. We had the option of several restaurants, and settled on Desi Mickey D . Later, we did some rudimentary shopping, and I bought Roshni a nice kurti top, and myself an adventure game I’ve been waiting for. The number of games in India I need to play has now crossed 40, and I haven’t even plugged my PC in yet. Aiyiyi…

– Normally, I don’t enjoy wedding receptions. They consist solely of sitting around chatting with friends and family in a big hall (or outdoors), with poor quality Indian muzak playing over the speakers, and a stage up front where the “happy couple” is busy greeting and posing for photos with all the guests (one by one, of course). By the way, I shudder at the prospect of going through something similar at my reception. Standing for over two hours posing for pictures is not my idea of fun. Anyway, this one turned out to be more enjoyable due to the sheer number of family in attendance, especially towards the end when it was mostly family and close friends left. The most memorable sequence was when Raj (my 16 year old cousin) had the temerity to suggest that the Ghelani women were dominating. This was enough to get all of us laughing, when someone had the bright idea to let my mom and my maasi know. That’s when the real fun started. I was laughing so hard my cough started acting up again. ; And our table was so loud that every other table more or less stopped talking and just looked at us, wondering what the hell we were smoking, and probably hoping we’d share some with them. An enjoyably raucous end to a decent evening, with some delicious pasta being served.

– I hate early morning flights, especially when they’re less than 45 minutes long. I don’t mean late night flights at 2am, when you can stay up. I mean 6:30am flights, where you need to wake up at 4:30am, and still have to go to work at a reasonable hour. Yech…


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  1. dinamehta Says:

    Will you please enunciate “Aiyiyi” for me?

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