Last Trip for a while

Hemal’s having his Sangeet Sandhya and Reception this weekend, so we’re off to Mumbai again. However, since there are only two events to attend over the four days, I hope to have plenty of free time to do two things:

1) Have more detailed discussions with dad regarding the new business. We were talking today about the logistics, in terms of rented space and the best timings for the classes. We’ll discuss this in more detail this weekend. By the way, I don’t think I’ve detailed this new enterprise. For now, I’m starting up a GMAT coaching class in Baroda, but the eventual plans are much, much bigger.

2) Catch up on my TV. I’ll try to polish off Season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as a few episodes of Spooks season 3. Oh, and also, three more episodes of Dexter , which is actually a very interesting show in concept. A emotionless serial killer who only kills people that deserve it. And don’t get me started on the other shows I need to catch up on, now that the “mid-season break” is over. Aiyiyi…

Incidentally, yesterday was my first visit to a potential customer, the ONGC refinery in Hazira (near Surat). Long car rides back and forth (over three hours one way) and bad quality roads for a good chunk of it didn’t make for a memorable ride. But I did get to see a rail loading facility, where they load natural gas and naphtha into rail cars for transport. Overall, a pretty big installation.

One Response to “Last Trip for a while”

  1. dinamehta Says:

    Am I allowed to comment on the dorky/nerdy/geeky-ness of Star Trek?! ; Actually, it probably speaks for itself … sigh … I guess, go ahead and watch all you want now, and get it out of your system

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