Heroes Rocks!

Seriously, if you haven’t seen the show yet, what the hell are you waiting for? The second half of season one begins Jan 22, and trust me, I’ll be waiting. Me and my trusty Interweb connection. Quality shtit, I tell you.

SO, Goa. Well, here’s the first day. Future days in future updates.

Friday, Dec 29 – Saum and I leave Mumbai for Goa by train, the Jan Shatabdi. The train ride itself wasn’t too memorable, except I was experiencing a burning sensation in my throat whenever I swallowed. This accompanied a rather annoying cough. Still, no big deal. I have a pretty good immune system, it would clear itself up long before Sunday night. We arrived at Thivim train station, and met Oscar, our landlord. He was basically what I imagined. Short, old, fat and bald, with glasses. Nice guy though. We got home, got some food at the nearby market, rested some more, then rested in the studio apartment for a while. And then, it was time to get our groove on. We walked back to the market, then continued walking towards Baga Beach, where all the life was, supposedly. The most prominent thing we noticed was the sheer amount of traffic. By the way, a random note. Goan roads were not designed for lots of traffic. Too narrow by far. Anyway, we made it to Zanzibar, where we were supposed to meet up with some of Saum’s friends. We didn’t see them, but we did see MTV VJ Nikhil Chinappa leading the party. FYI, Zanzibar is one of many (and I mean, MANY) beach shacks that are all over the beach. It’s like a line of them, all alike, with nearly the exact same menu. Still, Zanzibar is one of the more famous ones. It was too crowded there, so we got some food two shacks over, then shuffled to the music for a little while, before deciding to go somewhere more fun. So, onwards to Club Cabana!

I’m feeling kinda lazy, so I’ll continue this later. Don’t worry, it won’t be another week. I promise.

One Response to “Heroes Rocks!”

  1. ssethi Says:

    Why is it that every damn Indian train is named something or another… and it’s not like BART where it’s called “Fremont Train” or “Daly City Train” – it’s a damn name of some person. In NY, they call the trains with letters – simple, right?

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