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Last Trip for a while

January 25, 2007

Hemal’s having his Sangeet Sandhya and Reception this weekend, so we’re off to Mumbai again. However, since there are only two events to attend over the four days, I hope to have plenty of free time to do two things:

1) Have more detailed discussions with dad regarding the new business. We were talking today about the logistics, in terms of rented space and the best timings for the classes. We’ll discuss this in more detail this weekend. By the way, I don’t think I’ve detailed this new enterprise. For now, I’m starting up a GMAT coaching class in Baroda, but the eventual plans are much, much bigger.

2) Catch up on my TV. I’ll try to polish off Season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as a few episodes of Spooks season 3. Oh, and also, three more episodes of Dexter , which is actually a very interesting show in concept. A emotionless serial killer who only kills people that deserve it. And don’t get me started on the other shows I need to catch up on, now that the “mid-season break” is over. Aiyiyi…

Incidentally, yesterday was my first visit to a potential customer, the ONGC refinery in Hazira (near Surat). Long car rides back and forth (over three hours one way) and bad quality roads for a good chunk of it didn’t make for a memorable ride. But I did get to see a rail loading facility, where they load natural gas and naphtha into rail cars for transport. Overall, a pretty big installation.


I’ve been a bad friend

January 23, 2007

I’ve been so swept up in dealing with the recent changes in my life that I’ve not only neglected updating this blog, but also neglected a lot of my friends. For that, I sincerely apologise.

Two major things have happened. I won’t give too many details here, since I need to wake up in 6 hours for a day long site visit. But I’ll elaborate more later.

1) I’ve been given the chance to be part of an amazing business opportunity here in India, that not only has the potential to be very successful, but could eventually be extended to help people and improve their lives in a meaningful way. It has to do with the enabling of education through technology, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

2) For over 8 years, I’d been searching for the woman of my dreams. As time passed, I met several women, who all shaped that image in my head. This woman had to contain the best qualities of every woman I’d ever known, admired, and cared about. Could such a woman exist? Of course not. And then, I met her. And I’ll be damned if she didn’t feel the same way about me. It’s an amazing feeling to love someone who you know loves you just as much, and who feels perfect for you in almost every way. I’ll be writing more about her later. But take it from me, I can’t wait to discover just how wonderful she really is.

Again, I’m sorry for dropping out of people’s lives. I shall endeavour to make reparations for the oversight. I hope you will all indulge me one last time. And please… wish me luck.

So, it actually might be a week…

January 12, 2007

Leaving for Kutch tonight to do some social service. Back on Tuesday morning. I’m just waiting for the damn train so I can get some sleep. Talk to you guys when I get back.

I promise, at some point, the constant travelling does stop… at least, I hope to God it does.

Heroes Rocks!

January 10, 2007

Seriously, if you haven’t seen the show yet, what the hell are you waiting for? The second half of season one begins Jan 22, and trust me, I’ll be waiting. Me and my trusty Interweb connection. Quality shtit, I tell you.

SO, Goa. Well, here’s the first day. Future days in future updates.

Friday, Dec 29 – Saum and I leave Mumbai for Goa by train, the Jan Shatabdi. The train ride itself wasn’t too memorable, except I was experiencing a burning sensation in my throat whenever I swallowed. This accompanied a rather annoying cough. Still, no big deal. I have a pretty good immune system, it would clear itself up long before Sunday night. We arrived at Thivim train station, and met Oscar, our landlord. He was basically what I imagined. Short, old, fat and bald, with glasses. Nice guy though. We got home, got some food at the nearby market, rested some more, then rested in the studio apartment for a while. And then, it was time to get our groove on. We walked back to the market, then continued walking towards Baga Beach, where all the life was, supposedly. The most prominent thing we noticed was the sheer amount of traffic. By the way, a random note. Goan roads were not designed for lots of traffic. Too narrow by far. Anyway, we made it to Zanzibar, where we were supposed to meet up with some of Saum’s friends. We didn’t see them, but we did see MTV VJ Nikhil Chinappa leading the party. FYI, Zanzibar is one of many (and I mean, MANY) beach shacks that are all over the beach. It’s like a line of them, all alike, with nearly the exact same menu. Still, Zanzibar is one of the more famous ones. It was too crowded there, so we got some food two shacks over, then shuffled to the music for a little while, before deciding to go somewhere more fun. So, onwards to Club Cabana!

I’m feeling kinda lazy, so I’ll continue this later. Don’t worry, it won’t be another week. I promise.

I’m still alive!

January 3, 2007

We were ;supposed to catch a flight on Monday night from Goa to Ahmedabad. Thanks to the Delhi fog, we ended up taking the bus on Tuesday night from Goa to Mumbai. We arrived Wednesday (i.e. today) morning, and will leave for Baroda tonight, arriving early tomorrow morning. Full details will follow soon, probably tomorrow. For now, all I’ll say is that celebrating New Years in Goa was like running my first marathon. Something I had to try once, and I’m glad I did it, but I’m never doing it again.

Happy New Year, everyone.