Goa, here we come!

So, after a damn near magical week, it’s back to reality. And the reality is that tomorrow, we leave for Goa. It’s been a crazy few weeks for travelling, and it’s not done yet. We get back on Monday night. Then, on Jan 6th I go to Mumbai for a day to spend a final few hours with my “phreind” . And Jan 13-15, I’m in Kutch doing some volunteer work. And even that trip was cut down from the originally planned week because I was missing too much time at work. Granted, it’s all been unpaid leave, but it still looks bad, you know?

Incidentally, I calculated that I have damn near 54 hours of television on my laptop, ready to be watched. That’s one hell of a backlog. How sad am I, when I’m actually considering taking my laptop with me to finish off some of my TV? Which reminds me, I promised you all a list of all the TV shows I watch currently. In no particular order:
1. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
2. Heroes
3. House
4. Lost
5. Prison Break
6. Numb3rs
7. Dexter
8. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
9. The Colbert Report

Those are the currently running shows I’m watching. I’ve also downloaded a couple of other shows that aren’t airing currently that I’m watching. These include Star Trek: The Next Generation (I have Season 2 right now) and Spooks , a British show.

I also have Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica downloaded, but I haven’t started watching yet. Plus, there’s a lot more TV queued up that hasn’t been downloaded yet, including Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days , Penn and Teller’s Bullsh!t , and Mythbusters .

Don’t you wish you were me right now?


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