Patience is a virtue

And you guys will have to wait just a little bit longer. In 45 minutes, I’m off to the airport, this time headed for Delhi. I myself have been waiting for this trip for over a month now, and am quite excited about it. More details will probably be provided at a later date. Though, if you’ve contacted me recently, you probably already know about it.

Actually, this should be an interesting visit, since I haven’t been in Delhi since I was eleven. Will probably be a different experience, what with attaining legal age and all. Hehehe…


3 Responses to “Patience is a virtue”

  1. goddessrinki Says:

    Good luck with everything, and for us that know you well….don’t blow it mister! 😉

  2. smileygujugal Says:

    I don’t get it… why are you so excited about going to Delhi??

  3. ssethi Says:

    Delhi? WTF you don’t tell me anything nowadays. I feel like I don’t even know you.. *sob*

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