Events so far

After a four hour delay taking off from ;Vadodara (our plane left Delhi late because of fog), we finally made it to Mumbai on Tuesday evening, just in time for the Sangeet Sandhya . For those of you unfamiliar with the whole Indian wedding scene, it’s a night of song and dance done before the wedding. Musical performers are usually hired, and family members usually do some dances in honour of the couple. The big difference in the last two weddings we had in the family is that there was some kind of narrative that loosely described the couple and their “love story”, and the songs fit into that narrative somehow. I wasn’t too impressed with the professional singers (they did have very jazzy outfits, though), but I definitely appreciated the effort that went into the dancing. It was entertaining, at least. After those festivities had been concluded, there was some general singing and dancing, where all the family members shook a leg on stage. It was most memorable for me because mom was shaking her groove thang. Why is that a big deal? On Friday morning, she wasn’t even able to walk ten feet from her bed to the bathroom. Today, she’s shaking and moving with the best of them (albeit without actually moving her feet. ) It was still good to see. I guess there might be something to this Pranic Healing after all.

Preceding this was dinner, which consisted mostly of Indian fast food. It tasted good, but led to a few choice comments later about the groom’s father (my mom’s cousin brother) was. Apparently, he has a well-earned reputation for being … parsimonious, which definitely came into stark contrast with the level of catering found at the actual wedding/reception itself, which was paid for by the bride’s family. I’d ended up going to a nearby sports club (the Indian equivalent of a Country Club) with some of the gents and had a few drinks and appetisers, so I didn’t have much room for a proper meal when we got back. That was a decision I regretted, because everything looked delicious, and not your typical wedding buffet. Oh well, lesson learned.

Heading to a school friend’s wedding tomorrow, which is in the same hall as my cousin yesterday. Then, on Saturday morning, I head over to Ghatkopar to see my dad’s relatives. Saum will be there as well, so we’ll finally be able to kick it in Mumbai the way we’d originally envisioned. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.


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