Supreme Asskicking

For a long time, I’ve wanted to learn a martial art, if for no other reason than to feel reasonably comfortable that if I were placed in a dangerous situation, I could defend myself and my loved ones. But the biggest problem was, none of the more recognised forms (karate, tae-kwon-do, kung fu, etc) go straight to the nitty-gritty. They focus more on form, and discipline, and respect, and blah blah blah. But then, I discovered Krav Maga . Honestly? It looks totally awesome. I mean, look at it . (There’s a video at the bottom of the link.) The entire concept of this fighting style is to defend yourself from the immediate threat, ensure there can be no further attacks, and then neutralise the target. It’s about training the body to respond instinctively, causing the maximum damage in the minimum time. Groin, eyes, headbutts are all kosher. Hell, they’re encouraged. I researched it a little when in the Bay Area, but didn’t think I’d be committed enough to stick with the class. But if I get the chance again, you bet your ass I’m gonna give it a shot. They even have centers in India . Maybe I can sign up for a trial class somewhere while visiting…


4 Responses to “Supreme Asskicking”

  1. dinamehta Says:


  2. dinamehta Says:
  3. ssethi Says:

    Imagine Apu from Simpsons using the form of “Krav Maga” on Homer haha… go Apu!

  4. ssethi Says:

    Maybe ComKid should be rewritten to include Krav Maga instead of Karate! Hmm… =)

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