Damn Internet

For whatever reason, the Internet at work is really wonky, especially when it comes to downloading stuff with Bittorrent. It used to provide a near steady 30 kB/s download rate, which was good enough to get a 30 minute tv show in 100 minutes. But these last few days, it’s gotten really bad, to the point where I barely manage 3 or 4 kB/s for a few minutes. This was especially frustrating, because I saw a Japanese guy downloading the same show at 220 kB/s. And, for some reason, this block only affects my downloading. Regular surfing is fine. I’m guessing they’ve blocked the downloading, somehow. Fortunately, all is not lost, because the connection at home got upgraded to an unlimited data transfer limit. This means I can upload and download as much as I want for one fixed monthly price. Yay! Someday, I’ll actually describe the shows I “acquire”, and let you know what I think, and whether you should give them a shot.


3 Responses to “Damn Internet”

  1. dinamehta Says:

    can you define wonky for me?

  2. sirm Says:

    are you watching porn at work chiragra?

  3. ssethi Says:

    “Heroes” rocks — and if you ever have time – check out this site . Don’t know how long this site will be on, but stream all the shows you can.

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