An early weekend treat

To recap, Part 1 , Part 2 , and Part 3

Comkid (part 4)
– by Chirag Fifadra

; ; ; ; ; They tied and gagged the guard with some rope. They then hid him under a tarpaulin covering. They they waited for fifteen minutes, but no one else came. Then, following the signal, they moved forward cautiously. Comkid stopped, pointing towards a door.
; ; ; ; ; “He’s in there, somewhere.” he said.
; ; ; ; ; “Well, lets go get him” Arjun said.
; ; ; ; ; Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming from inside the door. Each one of them went to one side of the door. Comkid raised two fingers. Arjun understood immediately and nodded. Then two men came out, holding machine guns. Arjun went for the one nearest him. He karate chopped the man’s hand, making him drop the gun. Then he turned him around, gave him a fast, powerful thrust kick in the solar plexus, making him double over, held the sides of the man’s head with his hands and, in one fluid motion, brought up his knee with amazing speed and power. Then he released the man, letting him crumple to the floor. Comkid had as easy a time. He caught hold of the gun, used it to swing the man around to face him, and pulled the gun out of his grasp. He then swung it into the man’s face. Despite being stunned, the man remained on his feet. Comkid dropped the gun and swung his fist. It was an upper-cut that sent the man flying a good two metres. He then turned to look at Arjun, who had just seen the punch.
; ; ; ; ; “Not bad.” said Arjun.”Not bad at all.”
; ; ; ; ; “You’re not too sloppy yourself.” Comkid returned the compliment.”But before anything else, take out the poison.” So saying, Comkid went over to the terrorist he had hit, opened his mouth, and quickly took out the false tooth with the pill. Then he looked over and saw Arjun doing the same.
; ; ; ; ; As he walked back, Arjun looked at him and asked,”Who are these people, exactly?”


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