More Driving

I drove to work for the first time yesterday. Dad needed the driver to
care of some other stuff, so I drove us in the Opel Astra, which is
considered the medium car (the Santro being low, and the Camry being
high). The experience was a lot better than I expected. Normally, I’ve
never liked driving that car, because I just didn’t feel like I was in
control of it, but I guess I must be getting the hang of it or
something. It’s not as much of a problem anymore. And I’m coming to
terms with Indian traffic myself. My strategy is, I’m going to follow
the rules as much as I can. You don’t like it, go around me. And for
all the two-wheeled drivers (bicycles and scooters alike), it’s your
job to maneuver your way out of trouble, and I promise not to make it
too hard for you. So long as I’m patient, I’ll be fine. I’ll let
everyone else worry about being in a hurry. I mean, Indian Standard
Time is the actual name of this time zone. ;


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