The Quizmaster!

I learned a couple of new things about yoga this morning:

It’s not a good idea to go in sleep deprived. I’m changing my schedule
to get 7 hours a night from now on. This shit isn’t gonna work anymore.
Ustrasana hurts. And after you’ve been in the Supta Baddhakonasana for
over ten minutes, your inner thighs don’t like being moved.

I asked dad about the Rotary meeting tonight, and he said
there was going to be a quiz competition. This got me excited, because
I was a very enthusiastic quiz participant in my youth, even winning a
few prizes. Then he told me it was a quiz about the Rotary Club, which
brought me back down again.

*Update* Dad called
while I was writing this post. Turns out, it’s a general knowledge quiz
after all, and it’s open to all. Yay! Let’s see just how rusty I am at
this. I’m excited! ;


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