Talk about an anticlimax. That wasn’t quite the quiz competition I expected it to be. The meeting was in a small room, with about 30 members showing up, of whom only two (including me) were under 40. The evening started with an aunty singing a prayer in a voice that reminded me of my own falsetto, and things didn’t get much better. The quiz consisted of a bunch of pictures that we had to identify. (Oh, and we all played as groups, instead of individual competitors). Each round, we had to identify different things, so there were places, film stars, events, advertisements, etc. I was keeping personal score to see how many of the questions I knew, even those asked to other teams. Let’s just say I was under 25% and leave it at that.

There was one unexpected potential benefit to going, though. I went down to the lobby a little early to snag some cake from the Cake Shoppe, but they’d already closed. But I did end up running into a guy I knew vaguely in high school, who was one year senior. Turns out, he’s planning on opening a restaurant in the city in 4-6 months, and he’s getting some on-the-job training at Surya Palace (the hotel where the Rotary meetings are). He’s not even sure what kind of restaurant he wants to open. I told him we should stay in touch, and gave him my business card. Let’s see if something comes out of that.

Oh yeah, and in other news… I have business cards. I’ll post pictures of them soon. They’re nothing special, but they’re the first personal business cards I’ve ever had, so I’m pretty stoked about it.

BTW, if you don’t know what the title refers to, click here .

2 Responses to “KLPD”

  1. dinamehta Says:

    Hmmm … opening up a restaurant, huh? ; I think I know some people who are interested in similar things

    Oh, and random note, ;Surya Palace is one of the restaurants we frequent there …

  2. ssethi Says:

    KLPD sounds better when written out! =) HAHAHA…

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