Moving on

To recap, Part 1 and Part 2 :

Comkid (part 3)
– by Chirag Fifadra

; ; ; ; ; ; The whole day was spent in planning for that night. At eleven o’ clock, they quietly slipped out of the house. Comkid converted into a small scooter. Arjun got on, and they set off. Using his inbuilt tracker, Comkid followed the signal, which took him to the harbour. Then, judging from the strength and direction of the signal, Comkid calculated that Dr. Srivastav must be in a boat about two kilometres out to sea. Then, he turned into a small submarine-shaped object which could go above water as well as below, and pulled Arjun through the water. After five minutes, they reached a medium sized boat. They circled around it, and finally reached a part which looked easy to climb, with the help of the large anchor chain.
; ; ; ; ; ; They quickly decided that while Arjun would wait in the water, Comkid would climb up and make sure that there were no guards, for they had guessed that these were not ordinary kidnappers.
; ; ; ; ; ; Comkid climbed up easily, and slowly peered over the edge of the ship, listening carefully. Suddenly, a guard approached. Comkid quickly ducked. When he sensed that the guard had passed, he motioned for Arjun to come up quickly.
; ; ; ; ; ; Arjun, a black belt in karate, was in excellent physical condition. He scaled the chain rapidly and joined Comkid, who told him about the guard, and what do. They both went over the side of the ship and hid in the shadows, waiting for the guard to reappear. He came after five minutes, casually smoking a cigarette. As soon as he passed them, they leapt forward. Arjun chopped the guard on the back of the neck and caught him from falling, while Comkid leaned forward and grabbed the gun before it hit the floor. Then Comkid opened the guard’s mouth and started looking inside, as if searching. He pulled something, took it out and showed it to Arjun.
; ; ; ; ; ; “Why did you pull out his tooth?” Arjun asked.
; ; ; ; ; ; In reply, Comkid took out what appeared to be a pill of some sort.
; ; ; ; ; ; “Cyanide.” said Comkid grimly. Built into his brain was a high-tech databank. It contained a large knowledge about chemicals as well as knowledge about all the major criminals and criminal groups still at large all over the world. “These people are terrorists of the worst possible kind; they would rather kill themselves then be captured alive for questioning. Let’s hope Dr. Srivastav is safe.”


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  1. ssethi Says:

    Nice… Good build up!

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