Getting a license should be harder

I’m getting used to life in India, and for the most part, it’s not a
big problem. The gym’s good enough (and protein shakes are available),
I’m able to download all the TV shows I’m missing (just need to find
time to watch them), and my days tend to be pretty full. But my biggest
complaint about India so far, and it’s something that infuriates me on
a regular basis, is the traffic.

See, the main problem isn’t that there are so many cars. It’s
not even the roads are so narrow and in such bad condition. What pisses
me off the most about driving in India is that 90% of the people on the
road are fucking morons who deserve to be taken out back and shot. I
swear, I’ve never felt the kind of road rage that I do here. There
seems to be no sense of road civics whatsoever. Almost daily, we
encounter a traffic jam, caused when a large number of vehicles are
trying to cram through a choke point of some sort. Now, normally, you’d
expect people to let each other through, and have some sort of orderly
procession. Instead, everyone drives as if they’re suffering from
severe diarrhea and are 5 seconds away from blowing. The instant a
space opens up, some maniac (usually on two wheels) sneaks himself (or
herself) into this meager gap, and blocks traffic some more. Hence,
total gridlock.

So far, I’ve observed four major sins of two-wheeled motorised driving.
1) Two scooters driving side by side
2) Driving at night without headlights
3) Driving with one hand while talking on a cell phone with the other hand.

4) Driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid having to take the U-turn further ahead.

various points of time, I’ve seen all four of these sins being
committed. Yesterday, while driving to my friend’s place for dinner, I
saw a girl committing the first three at the same time ! Am I a bad person for wishing she’d lose her balance and fall?

Trust me, there will be more rants on this at a later time.


One Response to “Getting a license should be harder”

  1. ssethi Says:

    Not EVERYONE’s a great driver like you, Chirag. =) I hate being in the car or scooter in India either, but I just try to engage myself in other things while these idiots drive on the road. As you can see – India’s rate of people dying in road accidents is steadily climbing “”.

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