No excuses

I should have updated several times this past week, but it gets hard for me to be motivated when I can’t access it from work. And I’m usually busy when I get home, so I don’t usually have the patience to sit down and write with the quality that you fine readers have come to expect from me. Of course, the other fear is that if I don’t update for long enough, whatever audience I’ve built up will start to dissipate, which would kinda suck. So, onward:

I accompanied dad to Gandhidham last week, to get some lumber for the new house. The most memorable part of the trip was the amount of dust in the environment. I guess it was to be expected, given that we were near the desert. But it was interesting to see how life goes in a more rural part of Gujarat. That’s not to say it was backward, by any means. Nearby is Kandla, the second largest port in India, and Gandhidham has seen a lot of industry pop up over the last few years. Plus, it’s always nice to see the different accents people have when speaking Gujarati.

Incidentally, I’ve gotten some more feedback about my post on “Mr. Right”. One of my friends even used it while chatting up a girl. That was probably the biggest compliment anyone could have given it.

There will be a couple more posts later, including part 3 of Comkid. Stay tuned!


One Response to “No excuses”

  1. ssethi Says:

    I followed your link to “Gandhidham” and I saw a city name on there which reminded me of a song from “Kal Ho Na Ho” -… JAMNAGAR =) …. G… U…. J…. J…. UUUUUUUUUUU….

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