Step by step

Wow, today’s yoga session was a real killer. I worked legs yesterday, and guess what today’s yoga class emphasized? Rest assured, there was much stretching and squealing. At one point, some of the ladies were giggling at my … protests. But they were then relatively impressed when I tried my best to do an Upavista Konasana . I pulled my legs as far apart as possible, the instructor comes up and says I can do six more inches. He puts one foot against my right leg, leans over, grabs my left foot and sure enough, I could do six more inches. My inner thighs weren’t happy about this situation, though. Then, to make things even more interesting, he wanted me to bend forward and touch my head to the ground, while my legs were still split. I’m obviously nowhere near that level of flexibility, so he put some blankets and pillows on the ground between my legs, and I just had to bring my head till there. I did it, but trust me, he helped. And, once again, my legs were not happy.

Probably the most interesting pose I did came at the end. I did the Halasana . The only difference from the picture was that, instead of resting on a pillow placed on a small table, my feet were resting on a pillow placed on a chair (which had been placed where the table is in the picture), and there was no chair in front of my butt. It was surprisingly relaxing. I wasn’t gonna fall asleep or anything, but I wasn’t in any pain, and it wasn’t even too uncomfortable. Still, there actually was quite a bit of tension on my hamstrings. But on the whole, it wasn’t the most painful thing I’d done in the class. I know it’ll be a while before I am anything close to proficient, but I actually think it’s possible that, in a few months, I might start getting the hang of this yoga thing. Let’s see if I can bring my camera in too, and capture myself in other crazy poses.

Other than that, I’ve been alone at work, since both dad and his partner (aka my boss) are in Delhi for negotiations. And I’ve gotten very little actual work done. But honestly, today has still been a very good day.


2 Responses to “Step by step”

  1. goddessrinki Says:

    Looks like you’re getting disciplined while being in India! I’m proud of you =) So……..since you mentioned your camera…we’re planning on buying one…any suggestions?? (We’re looking into the Cannon SD800/SD900).

  2. ssethi Says:

    Did you notice, even in the picture to the link for Upavista Konasana is a woman and not a man doing it! =)

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