Once in a blue moon

I got a good amount of feedback about my last blog post, and it was all surprisingly positive (as opposed to blandly neutral ). I just feel it’s fair to warn you folks, don’t expect that kind of quality on a regular basis. I know I tend to pontificate on almost any subject where I could be bothered to have an opinion, but it’s not always going to come out this well.

Also, if any of you want to, feel free to link to that post. Here’s the individual post URL:

And if, for whatever reason, any of you feel the need to copy and paste my mini-essay and send it to other people, all I ask is that you credit me with having written it. ; It’s rare enough when I write something that other people might want to read, I don’t need someone else stealing the glory.

Roshni and I went out on a site visit with our lead marketing guy. We were showing off one of our existing sites to a potential customer, so they have an idea of what we’re capable of. The two of us tagged along, because there’s only so much you can learn about a system before you actually need to see it in action. And it was pretty impressive, to tell you the truth. In fact, it was a system I’d be proud to sell to someone. And I know for a fact that they were impressed, especially when the existing customer (who was very cooperative) explained to them exactly how few people he needed to employ to keep the system up and running, since it had been automated completely.
“We have two engineers on site.”
“And who else?”
“Two engineers.”


I don’t think I was ever bored at any point in time, but it did get tiring after the first three hours.

Mom’s making pizza tonight!


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