We’re going!

Added a link to the previous post, so read it again, why dontcha?

My upper back is mondo sore today. And since I haven’t lifted weights since Thursday (didn’t go yesterday, will go today), the obvious culprit is yoga. *shakes his fist* Damn you, yoga!


Goa’s been finalised. Saum got the travel plans done, and today I submitted the money for the studio apartment we’ll be renting that’s fifteen minutes from the beach. Just need to email our details to the owner and we’re set. I’m excited. In fact, New Year’s will be the culmination of what should hopefully be a very eventful ten day period. Good times, good times.

By the way, on a side note… there’s this girl in dad’s office who’s always looking at me whenever I walk by. It’s very odd. I tell myself it’s just my imagination, or pure coincidence, but it keeps happening. *shrugs*


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