Some things are still free…

Thanks to Google, I discovered this website , offering free training plans based on your requirements and goals. Looks pretty decent. It’s an eight-week plan, and the exercises change every week. This week, I have a five-day split, but since I missed Monday, I’ll have to skip the Thursday rest day. The normal split looks something like this:

Monday | Day 1

shoulders – forearms – abs
Tuesday |
Day 2
– ;

legs – calves
Wednesday | Day 3
– ;

Thursday | Day 4

Friday |
Day 5
– ;

back – calves
Saturday | Day 6
– ;

triceps – biceps – abs
Sunday | Day 7
– ;


If any of you want the actual workouts, let me know. It’s arranged in an interesting way. For example, Wednesday (Chest) only has two exercises for a total of seven sets. That’s definitely a cardio day. But Monday and Saturday are busy days with at least six exercises, and I’ll barely have enough time for warm ups and stretching. All in all, it looks good. Let’s see how it works in real life. One definite sore point: the Legs day has lunges . There are very few things that I can honestly, truly claim to hate. Lunges are included in that short list. People tell me, “You’re not supposed to hate lunges.” To them, I say “NERTZ!” (Well, not literally, but you get the point.) F***ing lunges.

Yoga this morning drilled a point home for me. I am not flexible. At all. My hamstrings are probably the worst offenders. There were several asanas (poses) that involved keeping my legs absolutely straight and stiff while I bent over. Inevitably, my legs would start to give a little. So Mr. Instructor comes over, forces my heels down to the floor, straightens my legs, and pushes my upper body down. I swear to you, my legs were shaking. I could feel the tightness behind my knees. My hamstrings were almost literally screaming in protest. But those bastards gotta learn that when a man has proper motivation, he’ll go through almost anything to get to his destination.

In other news, Goa is getting nailed down more and more. Saumil came through and fixed up our travel. And I found a place renting out a studio apartment for Rs. 3500 per night. And it’s barely a 15-20 minute walk to the beach. Score! Good times will be had, by gum!


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