One heckuva workout

Finished my seven-day shock workout last night, and capped it off with a protein shake. For fifty rupees, it actually tasted pretty good. I need to make sure what brand it is, though. And also if it’ll cost much more if I insist they use EAS instead.

After a relatively early night, I woke up at 5:30 this morning, not even the buttcrack of dawn. Why? I was going to try mom’s yoga class. It was actually kinda cool. Tried a couple of stretches that really pulled out my hamstrings. But the really cool thing was when I did a (admittedly assisted) handstand for the first time ever. The other cool thing was when I was able to fold my hands prayer-style behind my back. Literally, he took my hands, pulled them behind my back, and put the palms together. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t hurt much at all. Guess I’m more flexible than I thought. Honestly, if I’m able to keep up a routine of yoga twice a week, and the gym six times a week (weights and cardio), then I am gonna be one heaping hunk of hot man flesh by New Year.

And yes, I hope that image is scarred into your brain.

I will say this, though. My body is aching more from the yoga this morning than it has from the seven days of weights preceding it.

In other news, I’m currently rewriting a department manual, so we can create a template for other departments to follow, and I’ve noticed something interesting. Whoever wrote this thing doesn’t like to use articles with nouns. In other words, he doesn’t like to use “a”, “an”, or “the” as often as he should. And so this thing is strewn with lines like,
On receipt of call from customer for the
services / site problem, call is attended and all the necessary detail are
noted by receiver and customer is informed that the necessary action will be
taken at the earliest.”

Fun times…


One Response to “One heckuva workout”

  1. goddessrinki Says:

    I was really getting bored with your workout stories, but now your posts are actually getting me motivated to go to the gym with Pintu and workout. I dunno if it will happen, but at least your posts are motivating =)

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