Holy Crap!

I just counted the number of games that I’ve brought here that I aim to finish before I leave India.

Thirty seven .

Goddamn! Now keep in mind, these are games that I already own. Legally. All contained in a big ass CD folder.
Keep in mind, this list \does not contain games that have just come out or will come out soon, and that I intend to buy. I’ve actually brought even more games than this, but the ones not listed are of a lower priority. Oh, and this doesn’t include the five games I bought for my Nintendo DS. However, since that is primarily reserved for travel, I think I’m ok there.

Yeah, I’m a huge nerd. Go figure. Good thing I’ll have a beautiful body to go with it.


One Response to “Holy Crap!”

  1. goddessrinki Says:

    You are a nerd…agreed =)

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