Ah, Politics

Couldn’t make it to my workout yesterday, since Roshni hijacked the car. Will make up for it tonight. The first five days, I was kinda holding back in the gym anyways. But for these two days, I’m gonna kill everything. All out, baby!

I’ve been following the election results all day, refreshing cnn.com constantly. As of now, the Dems have the House, and still need two more seats for the Senate, with both Montana and Virginia up for grabs. It’s been nailbiting stuff all the way, and all I know is, for the next two years, Bush is actually going to have to learn some political skills. Let’s see how he measures up.


One Response to “Ah, Politics”

  1. ssethi Says:

    Yes, I’ll be the first to admit — because of sheer laziness I did not vote. But long live the Democrats! Not that I’m democratic or republican, I just don’t like Bush.

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