Personal space?

You know how when you’re in a crowded area and you’re trying to get by someone, you put a hand on their shoulder or upper arm to guide them to the side as you pass through? Well, that happened to me at the Regional Transport Office yesterday… sorta. I’m standing near the entrance with our driver, waiting for “inside man” to arrive, when I feel someone’s hand on my ass. I turn around, and see this guy carrying a helmet trying to get by, essentially doing the “guide to the side”, but with his hand about three feet lower than I’m used to. I would have felt violated, until I remembered that I was in India.

Two more days of the seven-day workout. I’m sure it’s mostly psychological, but I’m already starting to see/feel some differences in my upper arms. Also, I weighed myself yesterday, and I’d lost one kg since I’d weighed myself last week at Talwalkar’s. Of course, this is a different scale, and that might account for the difference, but it was still somewhat reassuring. My one big complaint about the gym is that the locker room is pretty damn small, and guys like to take their time talking while they change. Still, not much they can do about that. I did spend ten minutes in the steam room, which was nice.

Also started placing some calls regarding accommodations in Goa. It’s probably gonna be up to me, since my friend is even lazier than I am. That’s a scary thought!

Listening to the Indiana Jones soundtracks while I work. Good classic stuff. We have Raiders of the Lost Ark on VHS, and I don’t know how many times I saw it. I always used to close my eyes during the climactic “Ark opening – face melting” scene. Anyway, I should see that movie again. It’s been a while.


One Response to “Personal space?”

  1. goddessrinki Says:

    No such thing as personal space in India…I was in a train once, two fat ladies on either side of me, I was squished and felt like I couldn’t breathe. The next thing you know, one of the ladies was leaning on me, which is normal over there…I looked at my mom, she told me to push them, but I couldn’t because they were big and like pillars….unbelievable!

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