And awaaaaaay we go!

Comkid (part 1)
– by Chirag Fifadra

; ; ; ; ; ; “CK!”, shouted Dr. Arun Srivastav from the living room downstairs. “Could you bring down all my files and reports?”
; ; ; ; ; ; “You won’t need all of them. Why make him bring down everything?” his wife, Meena, asked.
; ; ; ; ; ; “Yes, but I will need them some day, won’t I” replied Dr. Srivastav laughingly.
; ; ; ; ; ; They both turned as they heard a crash behind them. They saw a fifteen year old boy picking up files from the floor where he had dropped them. He couldn’t be blamed completely, for the pile had been over two feet high.
; ; ; ; ; ; “Are you all right?” asked Meena.
; ; ; ; ; ; “Yeah.” replied the boy, holding the files in his hands.
; ; ; ; ; ; “Come on, you put them in the car. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

; ; ; ; ; ; The boy wasn’t just any other boy. He was the most sophisticated robot in the world. Dr. Srivastav, an award-winning robotic scientist, had spent seven years developing and building him. He had decided to keep him as a companion for his 15 year old son, Arjun. Comkid was immensely strong and nothing short of a small tank could stop him. He could run at speeds of 200-210 kmph. He also had many other special functions built into him. But it was none of these abilities that made him truly special. He had the feelings and emotions of a human being. This was a feat that no other scientist could duplicate. But whoever met them was told the sad story that CK’s parents were relatives of Dr. Srivastav and had died in a horrible accident and their son would now be staying with them.

; ; ; ; ; ; “Good morning, Ms. Ghelani. Any messages for me?” Dr. Srivastav asked his secretary as he walked into his office and headed for his private room.
“Yes, and I put them on your desk. Also, there’s someone waiting to see you.”
“He said his name was Mr. Vijay Mehta, and that you were expecting him.”
“Hmm. All right, send him in.”
; ; ; ; ; ; Dr. Srivastav entered his room and crossed over to his desk. He put his briefcase down and sat in his chair, waiting for his visitor to come in. Mr. Vijay Mehta entered the room. He was a tall man and looked distinguished. About ten minutes later, they left the building together.


2 Responses to “And awaaaaaay we go!”

  1. goddessrinki Says:

    What’s Comkid? Are you putting up ;the script of a tv show or something in your blog?

  2. Meowtotrot Says:

    I like the story. Srivastav is a common name though.. reminds me of all the zee tv serials .. they use the name for all the old educated men 😉 but good read.


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