You wanted details? You got details.

I am going to be quite sore for the next five days, thanks to that “shock the body” workout I’m doing. I finished day two last night at Gold’s Gym, and I’m certainly feeling it.

Overall, my experience was a bit better here, if a little overwhelming. I’m still not used to having a trainer shadow me personally during my whole workout, and I’m really not used to seeing peons scurrying about, cleaning machines as soon as they’ve been used, and collecting bottles of water as the patrons leave them lying around. When I arrived, the guy I’d talked to during my first visit told me that EAS products wouldn’t be a problem, and I wouldn’t have to pay extra. Then he assigned a trainer to help me out. I told them that I had a workout to follow, but instead of letting me go on, the guy just walked with me and started “assisting”, by suggesting additional stretches to do. Then, as I was doing my workout, he’d help with the machine set up, and spot me when I was doing the free weights. The drawback is that my workout is supposed to take an hour, and two hours after we started, my driver comes inside to let me know that he’s been waiting a while. :-\ Talk about thorough! The best part was this exchange with the trainer:

“Your workout is too long. Normally, you should be done in 45 minutes to an hour.”
“This IS an hour long workout. We’ve just been going through it very slowly.”
“Oh, right. OK.”

However, I will give him credit. He did seem to know what he was doing, and he even corrected my form in a few exercises. Personally, I don’t think they do this all the time with everyone. They probably just wanted to make a good impression on me, because they got the feeling that I could become a big spender there. When I go back tonight, I’ll tell them that I don’t need the trainer, but I’ll definitely ask for help should I need it.

As for the gym itself, it was good enough. Some of the machines weren’t as good as I’d hoped, and they still need to get an assisted dip/pullup machine, as well as a Smith machine. Those are supposedly coming soon, so that’ll be good. At least they have a normal barbell bench press station (Talwalkar’s didn’t). It’s not an ideal gym, but it’ll get the job done. I’ll be signing up tonight.

And yes, for those of you wondering… the peons are barefoot. ; At the very most, they might wear those rubber slippers so prevalent in India.

After my prolonged workout, we went to dinner at Havmor , our favourite restaurant growing up. Some of the old waiters were still there. ; Still tasted just as great, and we even had a small sundae for dessert. Yummy. ;

This morning was very interesting, and potentially productive. I stopped by the old school
, to see how it had changed, and more specifically to see if I could help in anyway. Several years ago, when I was still in college and visiting Baroda, I gave a talk at Roshni’s school (she was in 11th at the time). It wasn’t so much a lecture as a Q&A session, and I had a lot of fun. I wanted to know if something like that was possible here. Fortunately, the new principal is a teacher who I got along with very well when I was here, and she was pretty excited about the idea. I also suggested having a career panel discussion, where I’d get people from various traditional and non-traditional disciplines, to talk to the students about what’s really awaiting them when they get out there. But that’s further down the road. This Wednesday, I’ll be heading there in the morning to talk to the 12th Science classes. Let’s see how it goes. I’m actually really excited about it.

Tonight, there should be some final decisions made about New Year’s in Goa. And apparently, one of my nieces had a two episode appearance on one of those ubiquitous Indian soap operas. I really hope they don’t expect me to start watching that shit now. *groans*


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