Very interesting

I was going through my site meter in more detail, to get a better idea of who’s reading me. I still don’t know who’s reading me from Washington University (though for some reason, I keep thinking I should know this) or from the University of Chicago (I did get a hint about this from a surprising source), and I certainly don’t know who’s reading this from Chapel Hill or Fort Worth. But I did recognise a few people reading based on their ISPs. Some of them were kinda surprising, actually. So, to all of you out there, hello. Leave a comment, or drop me a line. You can see my contact info on the left side of this page. Let me know what you think, good and bad. Any questions, comments and concerns are welcome. It’ll be good to hear from you. An author is always motivated to write when he hears from his readers.

And to those of you who do leave regular comments (like the Crazy Couple in Cupertino), thank you. They are much appreciated. *hug*

Ok, cheesiness over.


One Response to “Very interesting”

  1. ssethi Says:

    We hear ya loud and clear here! Internet is a beautiful thing. Hope you have some good stories of work, Baroda life, and meeting potential women… haha!

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