I’m famous, bay-bee!

The Sirminator reminded me of the handy-dandy site meter at the very bottom of the blog page, which keeps track of all the people who visit. When he was telling me the locations of some of my visitors, I had no idea who these people could be. I now have people regularly reading my blog who I do not know at all. I think that’s kinda cool. Maybe I even have my very own blog-stalkers, or blolkers. So, in the spirit of friendship, let me give a quick shout out to St. Louis, MO! Rockville, MD! And Ahmedabad, Guja… oh wait, that one’s me. Never mind. By the way, for all you people who I don’t know (at least you know who you are), leave me a comment. That way, I’ll get a better idea of my demographic, and can include content more suitably tweaked to your interests. For example, if there are more FOBs reading this, I’ll drop a few “Oye saala”s now and then.

Remember how I said yesterday that I was going to my new gym ? Yeah, I lied. We went to some uncle’s birthday party tonight, which happened to be located right near Gold’s Gym. I think to myself, why not? So I check it out.

Before I continue, let me describe Talwalkar’s. It takes up two floors, both of which are somewhat cramped in terms of area. Upstairs are the free weights and some cardio machines. There’s also a juice bar, where members can consume such post-workout delicacies as fruit juices, shakes, and cheese & chutney sandwiches. No, I’m not kidding. Downstairs are the rest of the cardio machines, and the weight machines. There’s also the locker rooms. Now, here’s the kicker. There’s only one actual steam room/shower facility. I’m sure the question arises in your mind, “But Chirag, do you mean men and women share the steam room and shower areas?” To which I respond, “No. ” What they’ve done instead is set aside 11a-4p as an exclusive ladies-only time at the gym. Yes, that’s right. For five hours in the day, no men allowed. The rest of the day is unisex for the gym itself, but only guys can use the showers and steam room. So if any working ladies plan on gymming in the mornings or evenings and want to shower after they’re done, they are SOL .

Fortunately, Gold’s took the sensible route and just had separate areas for men and women. *Gasp* What a concept! *ahem* Anyway, Gold’s also has one large gym area instead of two smaller areas, and their rates are slightly lower. Plus, and this is what sold me, they have a body sculpting program which includes consultations with a dietician as well as protein supplements. Talwalkar’s has a similar program, but Gold’s is cheaper and uses a brand that I know and trust.

Oh, and when we walked into Gold’s, I saw two cute girls sitting behind the desk. Not that this influenced my decision in any way.


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