Everything new new

* I got my new cell phone today. Number available by request.

* I went to my new gym today. Signed on for a one year membership.
(Funny story. Roshni had come with me, and I was telling her to join the gym as well, for the one month she’s still here. She didn’t seem too interested. I decided to weigh myself, just so I could see how much damage I’d done to myself these past two months. I came in at 88 kg = 194 lbs. My goal is to reach 180 lbs by Christmas, which is definitely do-able, provided I keep going to the gym and eat a proper diet. I suggested she weigh herself as well, just to check. She went in the next room, stepped on the scale, looked at the number for a second (there was a glass wall), came back in and said she wanted a one month membership. )

* Met my new boss and got my (possible) new job title, but I already blogged that.

* Got my own office. It was originally used as a storage area for tons of laptop bags, but they cleared it out. It still has a cabinet filled with old books about Indian tax and finance laws, but there’s an empty desk and a phone. All I need is an Internet jack, and I’ll be set.

* Dad’s still at his Rotary meeting tonight, where they’re having the elections for the senior level position I mentioned previously. I swear to God, listening to the stories he’d tell me about some of the uncles in this club, I wondered if I had just flashed back to Sweet Valley High . And stop your snickering, I’ve never read those books. Ever.


One Response to “Everything new new”

  1. ssethi Says:

    So now you will go to the gym and not stay up late and talk to your “Amrican” friends? Kya yaar… ek mahine mein badal bhi gaya?! Where’s your sense of laziness?! j/k! Good luck with your goal, as with all the indian food you eat — more oil, more ghee, and more carbs… =)

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