First day

Came in with dad this morning. Got a more detailed rundown on the two sides of the business from one of his senior managers. Looks interesting. I don’t know yet if I want to spend my life doing this, but I will learn a lot by being here for a while. Especially because I’ll be privy to a lot of the executive decisions that most of the other engineers won’t be. Another cool thing? Next month, dad and his partner are going to Delhi to complete negotiations for selling part of their company, and he agreed to take me along with them. I won’t say a word, but I’ll definitely be drinking plenty of coffee that weekend so I can stay awake and alert. I also know a couple of people who are there, so it should be nice.

Funny aside: I’m in dad’s office, reading a manual. An employee entered the office with some papers. Dad’s on the phone. He had five consecutive phone calls on his three phones (two cells, one landline). As one call was winding down, another phone would ring. It was really amusing to see him going from one phone to the next for ten minutes.


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