Seeing things from the other side

It was interesting to see dad bitch someone out and for once, not be the person being berated. Apparently, dad was being overcharged by his travel agent, and he was not a happy camper. And you do not want to try and pull a fast one on my dad because you’ll usually fail, and even if you succeed, he will find out and there will be consequences.

Case in point: Dad’s on the Executive Board of the local Rotary Club. There is a Past President of the club (let’s call him GM) that dad doesn’t get along with at all. Among other things, the guy used his position to have the club pay for some of his own personal expenses. That kinda stuff really pisses dad off, especially when the money is meant to be used for other, more socially relevant purposes. Anyway, there were major disagreements, and at one point in time, GM and some of his cronies tried to get dad and his friend kicked out of the club. Dad went to a lawyer and established that their actions were illegal and against the Rotary International constitution. When GM’s people realised that over 75% of the club members sided with dad, they essentially crapped their pants. They also sent an unconditional letter of apology to dad regarding the whole nasty affair.

Now here’s the kicker. This all happened 4 months ago. At this moment, GM is running for election to a senior Rotary position, and there’s no way in hell he’s going to get elected without dad’s support. So now, this bugger’s calling my dad and asking him to vote for him “for their old friendship”. It was all my dad could do to not laugh out loud. I might not agree with everything dad does, but when he wants to make a point, rest assured the point is made.


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