Where’s the water?

In our apartment building, we aren’t connected to the city water supply. We rely on an overhead water storage tank that is filled everyday using an electric borewell that gets water out of the ground. The tank is usually close to empty by the end of the day, and needs to be refilled each morning. I realised this last night, when I needed to use the bathroom. So, at 2am, I woke up my parents, asking them where the borewell switch was. I then proceeded to lock myself out of the house when I went to the apartment basement to turn the borewell on. In case you’ve never tried it before, I wouldn’t recommend doing that, especially when you don’t know how much longer your bowels are going to hold out. Disaster was averted, however. Thank God we have a loud doorbell.

India lost today in the Champions Trophy and is eliminated from the tournament. *sigh* That’s about all I want to say about that.

In other exciting news, I finally got to have frankies for dinner. A frankie is a uniquely Indian fast food item that I’ve never found anywhere else. The way my mom makes it, it’s essentially a wrap made using a roti, stuffed with a vegetable patty (made of potatoes, peas, and other stuff), as well as spiced onions, and the inside of the roti is lightly coated with vinegar for that extra kick. Mouth-watering stuff, I tell you. That first bite was almost orgasmic…


One Response to “Where’s the water?”

  1. goddessrinki Says:

    Frankies are seriously the best!! Gotta love em =)

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