This better work

One of the things I was most worried about on coming to India was what to do about my gaming computer. This was a gaming powerhouse that I’d had assembled in August 2005, the late fulfillment of a promise I’d made to myself while still in college. I wanted to just ship the whole thing over, but dad convinced me it made more sense to just remove the critical components (CPU, motherboard, graphics card, sound card, hard drive) and bring those over myself. Which I did. I brought them into the office today, and his techs are looking at the parts, figuring out if they can find the appropriate cables and power supply to house everything. I’m mildly hopeful about the outcome. I’m also a little anxious, since I was really hoping to catch up on my gaming backlog while I was here. I guess we’ll see how things go. All I gotta say is, it would really suck if I end up not being able to game for a year and a half. It would really, REALLY suck.

The other thing I was worried about was the broadband connection at home. Turns out, there might be a solution. Currently, we have an ADSL connection that provides 450 MB of downloading per month for Rs. 250 (BTW, Rs. = Rupees. That’s for the uninitiated. ) I’m looking at upgrading to a 10 GB data transfer option for Rs. 3,300. It works out to be more expensive per MB, but the speed is 4 times faster. Also, there’s free usage between 2am and 8am, which is when the bulk of the downloading will happen anyway. Lotta TV shows I gotta catch up on. Hehehe…

Hanging out with Adil last night was fun. He showed me a few of the new (and old) hangouts in town, and also showed me where the big gyms are, including the local Gold’s Gym franchise. I’ll be checking those out this weekend so I can get my iron on. Need to get fit for New Years. Adil also mentioned taking a French class, with a cute teacher. Maybe I need to start exercising my mind as well as my body… *ahem*

On that note, dad showed me another biodata/picture today. That was a no, but it did remind me about my promise to start uploading more pictures. And I figure, what better way to start than by showing y’all my biodata peekture? So, here you go. Enjoy:

Incidentally, this was taken last year, just after I got highlights. If you look closely, you can see the golden bronze glint in my hair. ;


2 Responses to “This better work”

  1. QtGuJu817 Says:

    Va va… that’s the pic that’s gonna score you all the piping hot chokris? The one that’ll get the Mrs. Fifadra in the picture? Hmm… not a bad choice at all… I like the pic.

  2. BoscoBrand Says:

    Is that pricing model standard of how home broadband connections are in India?

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