My new workplace

Went to the office this afternoon to take a look around. It’s actually very impressive, even by American standards, let alone Indian ones. Nicely landscaped and well-maintained compound, and a very professional-looking building/factory. The cubicles are upstairs, and the assembly/testing area is downstairs. All in all, I wouldn’t mind working at a place like that. We also met with a representative from Reliance Mobile, one of the major cell phone services in India, about a new phone. I’ll probably head over to a showroom tomorrow to look at some actual phones. Anyway, I’ll try to take some photos of the office soon, and post them on the blog. There were also a couple of other sights I saw that need to be captured on film (or memory card, so to speak) in order to be best appreciated. Me explaining them would kinda dull the impact. Trust me, you’ll know what I mean when you see them.


One Response to “My new workplace”

  1. goddessrinki Says:

    It’s good that you’re keeping an open mind towards things over there…..especially b/c SOMEBODY didn’t have such a great attitude starting off =P post photos…we wanna see! – Rinki/Pintu

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