The Great Indian Travelogue – Oct 24 ’06

Just got back from Hemal’s engagement. I must say, I’m getting better at this whole “smile and nod” strategy. Whenever people tell me, “so Chirag, Hemal’s done. Now it’s your turn. Are you ready?”, all I have to say is, “I’ve never said no. Show me a girl, then we’ll see.” There’s usually nothing they can say to that, so they nod and agree, and that’s that.

Also had my first “business” talk with dad this morning during our walk. If nothing else, it was reinforced that this will be an interesting learning period. I have a strong suspicion that dad and I will end up having ;very different management styles. ;

Finally, I found out last night that the IT company I was working for in Canada might no longer exist. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but the week after I left, my manager seemed to realise that they didn’t really have a feasible business model for the company, and he wanted to pursue his own thing. Then, after everyone panicked for four days, he said that he didn’t want to close the company down. He just wanted to develop a specific product he had in mind. So, as of right now, no one knows for sure whether he’s quit, or is just taking a long leave of absence. Plus, Veens (who used to be the sole IT ;person for the parent construction company before they made the separate IT spinoff) will probably leave if the IT company fails, because she enjoyed the business analysis part and doesn’t want to be a construction company IT ;person again. And if she leaves, they’re totally screwed, because no one else understands the IT infrastructure already put in place.. In short, it’s become a big clusterfuck, and I can only imagine what they’re going through trying to deal with this mess.

I realise that the paragraph above might seem very confusing, but I didn’t know how else to describe the situation quickly without a full blown diagram. Either way, I’m glad I missed all ;the fireworks, though I’m sure it would have been very informative to be a fly on those walls.

Lastly, Happy Birthday Roshni!

One Response to “The Great Indian Travelogue – Oct 24 ’06”

  1. goddessrinki Says:

    Looks like you left the company at the right time….but sucks for the people that are still there! I hope your mom is feeling better now…..=).

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