Life’s a neverending series of changes

Well, let’s see:

1) Ran a half marathon with a semi-respectable time (2:51:55), despite no training and a brand new pair of sneakers. Even more exciting, I’ll get a second medal for completing a half marathon and full marathon in the same calendar year. A big bronze 39.3 .

2) Went to YJP. Met lots of cool people. Got a lot of food for thought at the sessions. And reinforced the fact that I can be a real putz sometimes, and am my own worst enemy.

3) Song of the week: Smack That by Akon (featuring Eminem)

4) Leaving for India in 7 hours, and I still need to pack. Sounds familiar. No sleep again tonight. Just wish I’d gotten a phone call or two.


One Response to “Life’s a neverending series of changes”

  1. temp_rls Says:

    Congratulations on the marathons! ; I did my first running in the last year this last Saturday. ; I put on my cleats and ran around a grassy field with my husky. ; I tried catching her twice, which was interesting — she’s extremely fast by people standards and I’m out of shape. ; I knew I couldn’t catch her, but it’s certainly mroe fun to try than to just sprint around like an idiot by myself. ; Cheers – Randall

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