The beginning of the end

Recently, President George W. Bush signed into law the Military Commissions Act, signalling the end of Habeus Corpus . In a single sentence, habeus corpus is the right guaranteed to any prisoner to be taken to court to see what charges are being laid against him, and what the evidence is, so that it can be determined whether he is being held lawfully or not. To put it even more simply, the US government now has the ability to throw absolutely anyone (US citizen or not) in a secret jail indefinitely with no rights by simply labelling him an enemy combatant. Will it ever come to that? One can only hope not. But the fact that such power now exists is in and of itself a frightening proposition. I said in 2004 that if George Bush was re-elected, it would mark an irreversible slide for this country. I didn’t know he’s try so hard to prove me right. Slowly but surely, the Executive and Legislature have done everything they can to remove all the qualities that make this country so great (and believe me, the original ideals of this country are great). And yet, I can only wonder if they themselves have realised exactly what they have done to this country’s freedom in the name of security.

To close, I leave it to my second favourite newsman, Keith Olbermann (call him biased if you want. Just point out where his facts are wrong when talking about this administration). Check out the video if you can. He gets pretty passionate.

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