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You gotta be $hitting me!

September 30, 2006

So, check this. ; Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) resigned today after being questioned ; by ABC News about sexually explicit messages he sent to current and former congressional pages under the age of 18. Mark Foley was ; the chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.

That’s right. The guy responsible for drafting laws protecting children from sex offenders “made repeated references to sexual organs and acts” while chatting online with children. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Republican politicians? Have all ; of them lost their fucking minds, along with their morals and ethics?


I’m a schmuck

September 22, 2006

Maybe it’s me.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I really like reading The Dilbert Blog by Scott Adams. A couple of days ago, he wrote something that took on a new meaning for me today:

“My favorite Mr. Boffo comic of all time featured Mr. Boffo (I assume) in a jail cell talking to his cellmate. He says about himself, Nineteen arrests. Nineteen convictions. Maybe its me.

I come back to that philosophy often. You can only explain so many times why everyone else is wrong before you have to accept that the problem is on your end. Today I realized its me.”

While he meant it in a different context, it really hit home today. I just spent five minutes being bitched out by someone I consider one of my best friends. Why was I being bitched out? Because I was stupid, sanctimonious, self-righteous, judgemental, and my foot was stuck so far down my throat that I could kick my own butt from the inside. The only reason why it was just five minutes was because my friend got another phone call. Best case scenario? The friendship survives, because my friend knows that I say senseless things all the time without realising how other people will perceive them. Worst case scenario? This was one stupid incident too many, and even the best of friends have their limits.

What do I think will happen? I’m not sure. But what bothers me is that just when I think I might have grown and matured as a person, and am less likely to get myself in trouble, a clusterfuck like this happens and I’m in the middle of a brand new shitstorm of my own making. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and I know for a fact that it won’t be the last. Maybe the issue isn’t that people have problems adjusting to me. Maybe I’m the one having problems adjusting to people. Maybe it’s me.

This isn’t intended to be a self-pitying plea for sympathy. I’m not looking for people to understand that I’m an idiot. At some point in time, I need to take responsibility for my actions and statements. But even more importantly, at some point in time beyond that, I need to stop doing and saying stupid things so frequently. I need to stop being an idiot. And I can’t keep clinging to the excuse that “I don’t know how to stop”. It doesn’t matter how I change. It just needs to happen.

I am very sorry for what I said. Lord knows I’m only trying to be the best friend I can be to everyone. But Lord also knows that I’m failing miserably. And that’s what scares me. It’s one thing to be bad at something you don’t care about. It’s another thing to be bad at something you’re trying your hardest to be good at. Like I said, maybe it’s me. The trick now is to change.

*Update 1* The friendship will survive. But that doesn’t change anything else I’ve written. I’m still an oblivious idiot, and it needs to change.

*Update 2* Bill Frist is an idiot . Or he’s completely lost all sense of propriety and perspective. I guess at the end of the day, if I want to feel better about myself, I can just say, “at least I’m not a Republican member of Congress.”

What a coinkidink!

September 21, 2006

I’m bored at work, so I decide to go to the Wikipedia main page . Keep in mind, this isn’t the home page (which is the article search engine), and I don’t usually go there. So, I go to the main page, and what’s the featured article of the day? This . That’s right, it’s my alma mater. Hail all Hail Cornell!

Read an interesting factoid too. It seems both Ann Coulter and Keith Olbermann are both ;Cornell alumni. Who’da thunk it?


September 20, 2006

Some entertainment news:

1) One of my favourite Hindi movies, Angaar , is finally available on DVD . I don’t think I’ll buy it (not much of a DVD collector), but I do highly recommend it. It’s not a very well-known flick, but it’s got some superb acting, especially from the three male leads: Jackie Shroff, Nana Patekar, and, surprisingly enough, Kader Khan, who’s not usually known for his thespian abilities. The ending is more than a little ridiculous and over-the-top, but the movie leading upto it is really great. And there’s this one tune from the movie that’s always stuck in my head. If you see the film, it’s the flute tune that Jackie plays.

2) I saw the premiere episode of the “highly anticipated” new show, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip . Final verdict? It’s fun. Don’t think it’ll ever have the importance of a West Wing , or the quirkiness of a Sports Night , but it’ll still be a very entertaining and intelligent show. I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like shows about eating worms and screwing your sister. (That last line makes sense if you saw the premiere). If you missed the premiere, you can get it off Netflix .

3) Here’s a list of all the shows I’ll be watching while I’m in India. I figure, it’s either that or I shoot myself, because there ain’t no way I’m watching any of those miserable Indian soaps. *shudders*
a) Spooks
b) Star Trek: The Next Generation
c) The Sopranos
d) Sex and the City (I might as well, if only to see what the hype is about)
e) Oz
f) 24
g) House
h) Lost
i) The Daily Show/Colbert Report
j) Prison Break
k) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
l) Farscape
m) Battlestar Galactica
n) Whatever else I can think of

4) I’d comment on American politics, but it’s just so sad and despicable right now, that I’m too depressed to write anything. For the sake of the nation, the Democrats need to win back at least one of either the House or the Senate. This isn’t even about liberal and conservative. It’s about reinstituting the system of checks and balances that’s been out of whack for 6 years. It’s what makes the US system of democracy great, and differentiates it from every single other country out there. Americans take their freedoms for granted. Unfortunately, if things keep up the way they are, they might have less freedoms than they think. It’s bad enough when honest debate is classified as treason. It’s worse when the President says it’s unacceptable to think . And why is this under entertainment? Because every single other country out there is watching this mess and laughing their asses off.

You do what you gotta do

September 14, 2006

Well, it’s been an eventful few weeks, at the very least. But at least now I have some idea of where I’m going to be for the next year and a half. I’m going home in October. I mean, HOME home. I talked to Dad this past weekend. He said he needed me. I believe him. So I’m going. It’s not permanent. Maximum duration is about a year and a half, after which I might come back for B-School. I guess we’ll just see what develops.

And yes, I am aware that my matrimonial status will become even more prominent in people’s minds. I’ll just deal with that when I get there. My only reasons to go back are to help my dad, and get good work experience with him. Marriage isn’t on the list, and I’ll have to meet one hell of a girl to change my mind. Keep in mind, the standard has been set very high, so I think I’m safe for now.

Of course, going to India (specifically Baroda) also means my social life will drop down dramatically. *shrugs* Oh well… I’m not regretting my decision by any means. I’m just considering the full ramifications of the move.

Several other issues on my mind. I guess I’m just feeling introspective. It happens sometimes. Unfortunately, I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it. I guess I’m like my dad that way. I don’t like asking for help unless I literally have no other choice. Back in the old days, I’d call one of my friends and rant for a while, hear some sympathetic words, and feel better for getting it off my chest. But I don’t really have those resources as readily available anymore. People are busier now. They have families. There are other responsibilities they have to deal with, and therefore have less time in general. And despite any of their protestations to the contrary, it doesn’t feel the same to bug them with my own petty worries. Especially if, for some of them, I’ve never really talked about myself to begin with. It’s a lot easier for me to hear about their problems, and it feels kinda odd to talk about my own issues when I’ve spent the recent past listening. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d hesitate to bitch about stuff going on in my life.

I would have written a post sooner, but just as I was in the middle of a (admittedly) good post about how some Jain sects don’t consider women to be the equals of men, Internet Explorer decided to crash on me. I figured it wasn’t meant to be, and then I got lazy. You know how it goes.

BTW, I have a new obsession. I love House, the tv show. Hugh Laurie rocks. I loved him in Jeeves and Wooster , but it seems he’s a lot more versatile than I thought. ;Great stuff, and highly recommended.